4 Things To Know About Clubhouse

A friend and I decided to test-drive the recently famous social media platform, Clubhouse, by creating a room to discuss the app and what we think about it.

Moderating that room was the closest I have gotten to one of the zillion dreams I have. Which is producing a live talk show to discuss hot topics online.

Not to mention that it was an opportunity to catch up with old friends and meet the new people who found the room and decided to join.

Feeling excited, I figured I should write an article to share with you some of the information I learned:

1. There are TWO clubhouses

I repeat. There are two clubhouses.

There is a project management software which was founded in 2014 Clubhouse. And there is an audio-only, social platform Clubhouse. Which is about to break the internet.

Forget about the legal stuff for a second. At least, think of it from a branding perspective. The first thing I would do before picking up a brand name is checking if there is a domain and social media handles available with that specific brand name.

Clearly, that was not the case with Clubhouse. That is why they had to shove a silly “join” at the beginning of their domain and social media handles.

WHY on earth would someone want to brand their newly born app with a name that already exists? It is so F*** confusing to the extent that people are flooding the CEO of the other Clubhouse with requests for invites.

The poor chap.

2. It is worth a lot of money already.

Although it was founded last year, the icon on your home screen with the dude holding a guitar worth a lot of money. Like, a $100 million lot of money!

3. It is Musk and Zuckerberg kind of Clubhouse.

So, remember when the world went coocoo over the GameStop stock? And the trading application Robinhood decided to back the hedge funds up and give everyone else the finger?

The Tesla guy hosted Robinhood CEO in a Clubhouse room and talked with him about the subject.

In case you didn’t get the memo. It is scientifically proven that anything Elon Musk talks about, and anything that happens to be spelled the same instantly rockets to the moon.

Also, Mark Zuckerberg joined the app today.

While it is not clear whether Mark was suffering from a short-term loss of memory. Which led him to forget that he owns the biggest social media platform on the planet. Or he was checking out the app before buying it. Similar to the musk effect, Zuckerberg’s involvement gave the app a significant publicity boost.

4. It is a modern, audio-only version of PalTalk.

If you are old enough. The public and private rooms, created to discuss all kinds of subjects, will definitely remind you of the good old days when Paltalk was a thing.

The main noticeable difference between the two is that Clubhouse doesn’t offer a text-based comments or chat section. Which is a good thing if you ask me.

The concept of the app is not revolutionary in itself. For example, chat platforms like discord already offer audio-based chat rooms, not to mention that a stone-age artifact like Paltalk has it too.

However, Clubhouse managed to revive the audio-chat concept with a modernly designed interface and a focused user experience.

For some reason, it also captured the attention of the most influential people of our time. And despite the intentioned restriction on the onboarding, it successfully acquired a solid base of users. This might give Clubhouse a real chance to take its share from sharks dominated environment.




Writer and HTML5/CS3 developer. Easily distracted by tech, personal finance, gaming, and good TV.

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Ali Alawi

Ali Alawi

Writer and HTML5/CS3 developer. Easily distracted by tech, personal finance, gaming, and good TV.

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